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Sea Spaghetti (serving suggestion)
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Sirova no longer sells sea spaghetti. You can purchase it here, from The Raw Food World, the best and largest supplier of raw foods on the Internet. They also ship to Canada!

Sea spaghetti (Himanthalia elongata) is another seaweed wonder. It grows in the natural seaweed fields of Brittany, and unlike kelp noodles, it actually looks like pasta right out of the water! Sea Spaghetti is dried at low temperature in Brittany, and is guaranteed raw. Upon soaking, sea spaghetti grows in size and becomes soft, just like al dente pasta!

Please note that the nutritional information for sea spaghetti has changed. Here is the new data for a 5 g serving (10 servings per pack) (and if you want the nutrition for a 4 ounce serving, simply multiply the numbers below by 22!):

Protein: 1.5%
Sodium: 7%
Potassium: 13%
Magnesium: 50%
Iodine: 333%

If you've been longing for the long soft strands of grain based pasta and are looking for an easy to digest, nutritious and delicious alternative, you will love sea spaghetti! Kate Magic recommends you “just soak it in the morning & serve it in the evening,” and in her book Evie's Kitchen, Shazzie writes: “I (...) love sea spaghetti, which comes in long strands of tagliatelle-style seaweed. After soaking in water for an hour, it makes the base of one of the most satiating raw meals on the planet.”

At Sirova, we like to soak an entire package of sea spaghetti in a large covered container and keep it in the fridge, changing the water every couple of days. Then, we just whip up a quick sauce, toss in a few cups of soaked sea spaghetti, and we've got one of the fastest, most nutritious foods possible!

Don't forget to check out our free recipes calling for sea spaghetti, as well as our article on the health benefits and uses of sea spaghetti!

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Customer Comments

"What an awesome store! I stumbled upon this web site during my 6 years of being 100% Raw. As I am always striving to increase my sea veggie intake to help my thyroid operate smoothly, I am so excited to try Sirova's Sea Spaghetti! When the package arrived less than a week after I placed my order, I was so excited to try it, even though the directions said to soak, I immediately ripped open the package, broke some off and could not believe the wonderful flavor I encountered. I also ordered some Cacao Butter, lip balm and Raw salad dressings, which I can't wait to try as well. I will probably use a dressing on the Sea Spaghetti too!
Thank you Joanna and staff of Sirova for proving a wonderful store for folks like myself that strive to only feed our bodies the best of living foods. Your store has everything one needs to get started on the path to health. I will definitely be turning friends on to your store.
You all RAWk! Thank you!" - Lucy B., Maryland